Well Wishes for Westwood Lab Graduates

Congratulations to Sasha Mines and Geneva Bahen! 

Sasha Mines is graduating from Dalhousie with a Bachelor Arts, Combined Honours in Environment, Sustainability and Society & Law, Justice and Society. She minored in French and earned a certificate in Indigenous studies. Her undergraduate honour’s thesis offers an examination of Nova Scotia’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) to provide valuable insight into the Nova Scotian ESA itself, and how public perceptions can affect policy implementation and ultimately, conservation outcomes.

Sasha will be starting law school in pursuit of her JD at the University of Victoria this coming September. Kudos to you, Sasha!

Geneva Bahen, graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Combined Honours in Environmental Science & Environment, Sustainability and Society, also completed an undergraduate honour’s thesis. Geneva’s work focused on creating a species distribution model to understand the landscape-scale drivers of distribution of American beaver (Castor canadensis) in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia). 

Geneva’s thesis project and earned her an award for Best Honours Thesis and the Art and Dorothy Cooke Memorial Scholarship for the research proposal. Geneva was also awarded the Science Atlantic Communication Award for her presentation at the Science Atlantic Environment Conference in March 2023. Way to go, Geneva!   

You can check out both of their full-length theses on DalSpace. 


Bahen, G. (2023, April). Telling the North American beaver tale: modelling Castor canadensis distribution in Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia, Canada). [Earth and Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Honours Theses, Dalhousie University]. Dal Space. http://hdl.handle.net/10222/82555

Mines, S. (2023, April 24). Beyond the Implementation Gap: A Narrative Analysis of Nova Scotia’s Endangered Species Act. [College of Sustainability Undergraduate Honours Theses, Dalhousie University]. Dal Space. http://hdl.handle.net/10222/82582

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