Lab Head & Assistant Professor

Dr. Westwood (she/her/elle) brings together ecology and policy to pursue effective solutions to natural resource management challenges. She studies the impacts of forestry and cumulative effects on terrestrial ecosystems and their species, as well as how knowledge moves across the science-policy interface. Taken together, her work supplies the evidence and boundary-spanning tools for sustainable natural resource management.

Find out more about her research and teaching at her personal website, ResearchGate, and Google Scholar. a.westwood[at]dal[dot]ca


Research Associate

Jackie (she/her) joined the Westwood lab after having completed her MSc. in Fisheries Science and Technology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her MSc. thesis focused on the issue of plastic pollution (micro and macro) generated from fishing gear. Stemmed from her interests looking at human interaction with the environment and their associated impacts, Jackie is thrilled to be working in the lab and the opportunity to reconnect with her terrestrial roots.

More: LinkedIn & Researchgate. j.saturno[at]dal[dot]ca


MES Student

Manjulika (she/her)’s thesis research aims to document the prevalence of ‘interference in science’ in the Canadian context and understand its impacts. Previously, she completed a BA in Communications at the University of Ottawa and four co-op terms in federal government departments. Her past research focused on the relationship between anthropogenic climate change, the great acceleration, and the emergence of oil and gas technology. She is passionate about human rights and sustainability activism and invested in finding practical, compassionate solutions for change.

More: ResearchGate. manjulika.robertson[at]dal[dot]ca


MES Student

Riley (she/her) is a graduate student in the Environmental Studies program at Dalhousie University. Passionate about solutions-oriented research, her thesis examines past disturbances in Cape Breton National Park to determine areas most in need of forest restoration to increase connectivity and benefit various species at risk. During her undergraduate studies at Acadia University, Riley created a GIS layer, corroborated with ground truthing, to identify and map old growth stands throughout the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Though her academic interests revolve around Acadian Forest ecology, Riley’s personal hobbies include cooking for a crowd, reading and playing outdoors. 

More: LinkedIn. rl767974[at]dal[dot]ca


Honour’s Thesis Student

Sam (she/her) is an undergraduate Management student majoring in Sustainability at Dalhousie University. She is working with Dr. Westwood and Manjulika Robertson to complete her Honour’s. Her interests include science-policy-community dialogue, sustainable development, religion, mental health and community well-being. Sam enjoys anything that involves the outdoors and good food.

More: Linkedin. sm.chu[at]dal[dot]ca


Research Assistant

Kim (she/her) is an undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing an International Development Studies degree with minors in Anthropology and Geography. Since summer 2020, she has been assisting the Dalhousie-Carleton-Natural Resources Canada research team on knowledge exchange in the forest sector. Her interests span a wide range of disciplines and include international relations, natural resource management and conflicts, conservation and local livelihoods, and the science-policy interface. 

More: kimberlyannklenk[at]gmail[dot]com


Research Assistant

Gianina’s (she/her) thesis focused on analyzing air pollution from pulp and paper mills in Atlantic Canada complying with regulations. Previously, she completed a MSc in Energy Engineering in Universidad de la Republica (Uruguay) with a thesis focused on solar energy forecast from satellite images. Her interests include applying her background in atmospheric sciences to address environmental challenges such as air pollution dispersion and the inclusion of clean energy. 

More: gianina.giacosa[at]dal[dot]ca