Dalhousie forestry research team led by Westwood lab receives $1.57 million to study Nova Scotia forests

Read the full article from Research Nova Scotia.

A team of forestry researchers led by Dalhousie University is receiving $1.57 million to undertake research on Nova Scotia’s forests and the industries and communities who depend upon them.

The new project forms the cornerstone of Research Nova Scotia’s (RNS) forestry research program, which seeks to identify and convene research that will support Nova Scotia’s transition to an ecological forestry model. Operated in partnership with the Forestry Innovation Transition Trust (FITT), the program includes economic, ecological, and social components of forestry, to develop a holistic understanding of where the sector is going, and how to help get there in a sustainable and equitable way.

“This research investment is a significant step forward in the implementation of our forestry research agenda,” says Stefan Leslie, CEO of RNS. “This interprovincial work will help build knowledge, address gaps, and identify opportunities to support the transition to sustainable forestry in Nova Scotia.”

The five-year research project will measure how changing forestry practices impact biodiversity and landscape connectivity, evaluate recreation opportunities arising from changing forestry practices, value carbon as part of forest lands in the province, investigate and undertake effective knowledge exchange with woodlot stewards and operators and registered professional foresters, and support Mi’kmaq-led forestry.

“Collaboration and community engagement are key components of our research project,” says Dr. Alana Westwood, lead researcher from Dalhousie University. “It’s important to ensure that people who work in and live near Nova Scotia’s forests are part of our research.”

Read the rest of the article at Research Nova Scotia.

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