Dr. Alana Westwood earns Excellence in Teaching and Rising Research Star awards from Dalhousie University 

Congratulations to Dr. Alana Westwood and frequent lab collaborator Dr. Anika Cloutier on their recent success earning awards for Excellence in Teaching from Dalhousie’s Faculty of Management

Several students attended the award ceremony, including Mercy Fiamavle who praised Dr. Alana Westwood for her teaching style. Dr. Westwood’s assignments are geared towards developing students’ professional skills to prepare them for their future careers, which is not usually prioritized in academia. The ceremony was also attended by special guest from Winnipeg, Dr. Richard Westwood who inspired our own Dr. Alana Westwood to excel in her role as a teacher and mentor.  

Dr. Westwood was also awarded the Rising Research Star by the Faculty of Management for her immense success publishing in three top-tier journals and contributing to five government reports.

The Rising Research Star Award is given to faculty members who are not yet tenured and is based on their record of publication and how much money they’ve captured in grants. Read more about the other winners on the Dalhousie website.

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