Cape Breton “Green hydrogen” project goes to environmental assessment – Dr. Alana Westwood identifies an opportunity for change

On January 6, 2023, Dr. Alana Westwood was featured on a CBC segment, Information Morning – Cape Breton hosted by Steve Sutherland. During her interview, Dr. Westwood was asked about environmental assessment (EA), specifically in relation to the “Green hydrogen” project by EverWind Fuels to develop a hydrogen and ammonia production facility in Point Tupper.

In addition to describing how EA typically works and some of the issues with the current process, Dr. Westwood identified the project as one of the first of its kind in Nova Scotia and claimed/stated that “there is an opportunity here to come up with a set of requirements for the EA that could set a new precedent for doing things a little better.” Listen to the full-length segment

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