In response to Atlantic Mining Nova Scotia’s proposed open-pit gold mine project, Beaver Dam Mine, recommendations for consideration were made for the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, Atlantic Mining Nova Scotia, and federal authorities in the ongoing assessment of the Beaver Dam Mine Project. Dalhousie University graduate students from Dr. Alana Westwood’s class ENVI5001 Environmental Assessment put together these recommendations as part of their coursework. Submission summary can be found here on the Impact Assessment of Canada registry.

The recommendations cover:

  • Air quality
  • Surface water quality and quantity
  • Workforce development
  • Community health and safety
  • Species at risk and wildlife
  • Wetlands and lichens
  • Terrain, soil, and parks
  • Spatial boundaries

Cover letter and Recommendations for Consideration can be downloaded here:

Report citation:

Westwood, A., Doucet, T., Fequet, L., Ho, I., MacLean, N., MacNeil, B., Nguyen, P., Sharan, R., Thapar, K., Thurston, E., Vail, C. 2021. Submission on concerns and recommendations related to the proposed Beaver Dam Mine project in Marinette, Nova Scotia. Prepared for the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada. 110pp.

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