Sustainable forest management in the Maritimes

Visit the Atlantic Forest Research Collaborative, of which Dr. Westwood is a member, for resources on current projects and challenges regarding the management of forests in the Maritimes.

Forest ecology tree fact sheets

Students in Dalhousie University’s first ever Forest Ecology course produced tree fact sheets. These fact sheets display the social, economic, and biological characteristics of native and non-native trees.

Tree growth and forest health

Partners: Dr. Richard Westwood (University of Winnipeg), Dr. Jacques Tardif (University of Winnipeg)

We collaborate with partners at the Centre for Forest Interdisciplinary Research, University of Winnipeg, to support a variety of projects related to forest growth and health. This includes understanding the impacts of a common insecticide used against spruce budworm on non-target moth species, as well as understanding how Armillaria root rot disease slows growth of black spruce trees. We have contributed dendroecological data to the international plant trait database (TRY) which has been used to better understand global patterns of how tree growth slows in the years immediately preceding tree death.