Westwood Lab and partners publish paper on Indigenous knowledge about tǫdzı (boreal caribou): Part 1

Congratulations to Jackie Saturno, former lab Research Associate, on this lead author publication setting a foundation for how Indigenous knowledge about tǫdzı (one of the Dene words for boreal caribou) can be used to better guide conservation planning. The paper brings together a diverse team from across government departments and agencies along with the invaluable expertise of the Dene Nation. Congratulations also to all co-authors who provided their valuable time and knowledge.

This is the Stage 1 article of a two-part Registered Report published in Ecological Solutions and Evidence that presents the study design for the research (introductions and methods). Read the full article and look forward to the forthcoming study results!

Citation: Saturno, J., Boeckner, M., Haché, S., Hodson, J., McAuley, E., McIntire, E., Micheletti, T., Polfus, J., Sliwa, S., Teed, T., & Westwood, A. R. (2023). Setting a foundation for Indigenous knowledge systems-guided boreal caribou (tǫdzı) conservation planning in the Western Boreal Region of Canada: A systematic map protocol. Ecological Solutions and Evidence, 4, e12211. https://doi.org/10.1002/2688-8319.12211

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